Love And Be Loved

Love And Be Loved is an east London based design company specialising in good quality limited edition clothing for men and women.

At Spitalfields Market: Saturday & Sunday

Love And Be Loved offer sophisticated style with exquisite, tailored cuts, which flatters and contour the body with luxury fabrics. The pieces add a distinctive charm and character.

Internationally renowned designer Amin A Philips believes that every body can be stunning.

With over two decades of experience designing a variety of clothing, outfits for music groups, visual elements, theatrical costumes (most recently Tim Minchin’s costume for Jesus Christ Superstar), and products such as the container for the Ovei Escape Pods, Philips runs his London studio with the aim of ensuring that each of his pieces fit and flatter the wearer regardless of shape or measurements.

Commissioned for both consumer purchase and runway catwalks, Philips’s classic pieces are for every occasion and season. His boldly elegant coats can be spotted throughout the UK and USA.

“The greatest gift we’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”

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