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Stylish and sustainable jewellery
At Spitalfields Traders Market: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

LeJu is fast becoming a leader in ethical and sustainable jewellery world and their stylish designs are already garnering the attention of fashion editors, celebrities, and consumers who demand their accessories make a positive difference to the planet.

“It’s brilliantly bold, not to mention seriously groovy.” – Daily Candy

“Once you’ve seen one piece of of LeJu jewellery, you’ll recognise it anywhere.” – Vogue.com

“If you like your jewellery to have an ethical conscience, then check out the selection at LeJu” – marieclaire.co.uk

LeJu has been seen in Vogue, Elle, Grazia, InStyle, Red, The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Easy Living, Guardian.co.uk, Luxure, Stylefinder.com and YOU Magazine.

LeJu’s contemporary jewellery fuses South America manufacturing techniques with European fashion to create designs that are unique and full of colour. LeJu is proud to design and make jewellery using a very special seed known as vegetable ivory found in the Amazonian rain forest. Use of vegetable ivory stimulates the economies in South America, provides an alternative to cutting down rain forest for farming and prevents elephants from being killed for their tusks. Before it can be worked, the seeds must be allowed to dry naturally to gain the hardness required to be carved. Consequently, the older the seed the more valuable it becomes.

Dutch-born jewellery designer Lenny Trines discovered her natural talent and creativity in South America by working with various artisans, learning different techniques. While travelling through the Amazonian rain forest, exploring and visiting different villages Lenny was inspired to design jewellery using natural materials with colours, shapes and energy that echoed the rain forest.

LeJu designs make each collection in our London workshop which allows them to maintain the highest standards in quality and ensure that each piece of jewellery remains a supreme example of craftsmanship.

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