Screen Printed Clothing for Men & Women
At Spitalfields Market: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

On Conquer’s Spitalfields Traders Market stall you’ll find beautiful t-shirts(long/short sleeve); tunics; tanks; cardigans; sweatshirts; crop tops and hoodies.

Conquer is a diverse collective of artists and imaginers spearheaded by the provocative illustrations of Tomoya Hirimatsu and curated with craft and dedication by Sebastian Stobbs. Conquer draws inspiration from life less ordinary, from extremes, and finds beauty within despair.

We are not just a clothing label – our creativity pours into a feast of mixed mediums ranging from the photographic, to the moving picture, via the printed image, and through the written word – it is those expressive elements that we draw upon in equal measure, to inform our ideologies and enrich our experiences.

Conquer is not a reflection of apathy through fashion but instead considers its art as much as part of a journey as much as a product of commerce.

Ethical Fashion
All garments are sourced from fair trade companies where cotton is picked with ethical and sustainable practices and produced in countries whose laws protect the rights of the worker.!/Conquergear