The Duck Truck

It is fair to say that Ed and Vernon are quite literally quackers about duck, Ed’s first pet was even a duck!  They have spent years working with some of the best duck farms in the UK and have worked with some of Britain’s top chefs to learn how to get the best out of this amazingly versatile meat.

It seems to Ed and Vernon that the problem is, duck is rarely used to its full and very delicious potential. Most people seem to compare duck with chicken when the only real similarity is that they both have wings!

The Duck Truck is on a mission to share the ducky love and bring this nutritious, tasty and mouthwatering meat to as many hungry people as possible. You could say it’s like poultry in motion………

Throughout their years of experience, Ed and Vernon have developed the best duck recipes, and cooking techniques, have sourced the finest wraps and established the best sauce recipes, they simply don’t settle for second best.  They believe strongly in quality, constant development and improvement.

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