Konditor & Cook

Konditor & Cook is a London cake shop with a cult following amongst the cake cognoscenti.

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson once said that “Konditor & Cook make the sort of cakes you’d bake yourself if only you had the time, energy or inclination” and we tend to agree.

All Konditor & Cook’s treats – from frosted sponge cakes and fruity seasonal tarts to famously chocolatey brownies – are handmade fresh every day, using the finest of ingredients like natural butter, organic eggs and seasonal produce.

Signatures like the award-winning Whiskey Bomb, hugely popular Curly Whirly Cake, and legendary Magic Cakes scream ‘Eat Me!’ from their shelves, while hand-decorated contemporary birthday and celebration cakes delight the taste buds as well as wow the eye.

Cake Consultations

Aside from Konditor & Cook’s collection of legendary cakes, brownies and treats, the Spitalfields shop also features a dedicated cake consultation area. Stop by for a chat about bespoke cakes for weddings, celebrations and corporate events.

Call the Cake Hotline on 020 7633 3333 to book a consultation or drop by the store.

Cake School

Konditor & Cook also run a Cake School where Londoners gather to learn to bake and decorate the K&C way.

About Konditor & Cook

After founding Konditor & Cook in 1993, owner Gerhard Jenne has helped revolutionise cake-making in the UK over the past two decades. Along the way he has made cakes for celebrities such as Tina Turner and Sir Terence Conran and has just written his book of cakes, Deservedly Legendary Baking.

Konditor & Cook now have five shops in Central London as well as a bustling online shop, a Cake Hotline and a Cake School. Konditor & Cook is without a doubt London’s place for all things cake!

Konditor & Cook Spitalfields

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 7pm

2 Market Street
E1 6DT

Tel: 020 7633 3333

Web: konditorandcook.com
Facebook: konditorandcook
Twitter: @konditorandcook
Pinterest: konditorandcook
Instagram: konditor_and_cook