itsu is dedicated to skinny but delicious food; 62 dishes that are light, green and good for you.

Apparently the secret to Pink Floyd’s breath taking music is as much about what they left out as what they put in; a bit like itsu, less fat, more bounce.

itsu’s eat beautiful menu brings you bright salads, fields of crunchy vegetables, hot and nutritious brown rice & noodles, light soups, ‘low carb’ bentos, fresh sushi, go go pots, skinny salad sandwiches, mayonnaise-free sauces and zero fat frozen yoghurt.

The talented chefs in their award-winning Chelsea and Notting Hill restaurants, itsu [dining], create the delicious dishes which are freshly made every day in their shops ensuring the food tastes as good as it looks.

Daily Half-Price Sale

Every day, half an hour before closing itsu Spitalfields sells all remaining cold food items in its fridges at half-price. Now that’s a tasty offer!

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itsu Spitalfields Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 7pm

30 Spital Square, London E1 6DX


Facebook: itsulondon

Twitter: ItsuOfficial

Food waste from this restaurant and 6 other restaurants on the Spitalfields Estate is turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer that’s used to grow more food. Find out more about our commitment to zero waste to landfill and the environment at Spitalfields.