Tango @ Spitalfields

Tango @ Spitalfields is a series of monthly free outdoor milongas offering Londoners a rare opportunity to tango outdoors. Unwind from work, come early and feel free to bring friends.

The dance floor is covered by our Amphitheatre Canopy canopy so the events will continue through any summer showers.

Bring dance trainers or old comfortable dance shoes as you will be dancing on an outdoor stone surface.

** This is an outdoor event held in an open public space. There are no lockers or changing rooms provided so please be mindful of any personal belongings you may bring with you**


Sundays: 12.30pm to 4pm ( 26 Jun, 24 Jul, 28 Aug and 18 Sep)
Thursdays: 6.30pm to 9pm (16 June and 4 August)

FREE Tango Taster Classes at Spitalfields

If you would like to learn some basic tango steps, free lessons will take place at 12.30pm before each Sunday afternoon dance events and 6.30pm for Thursday evening dance events.

If you enjoy the free tango taster classes at Spitalfields, Tango-Fever offer a special discount on classes for Spitalfields dancers.

Tango Fever website for more details. www.tango-fever.com

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