Charlotte Gerrard

Selling high quality limited edition prints, original paintings and screen prints. Charlotte’s work is unique, beautiful and very popular with both animal lovers and art lovers alike.Charlotte’s work reflects some of the very personal encounters with the the animals she has met whilst travelling around south India.

The cows were all encountered on the streets of her favourite towns of Karnataka where everything, moving or otherwise, is highly adorned.

Having painted various breeds of cows over the years it is the Indian cows completely lend themselves to my magnified use of colour and my recent application of gold embellishment throughout my work.

The Screen prints are also inspired by direct meetings with the subjects and portray more playful elements of nature and is interested in creating one off pieces. Shifting the forms to produce overlays or ‘doubles’. Ducks are featured as ‘mutilples’ or ‘shadows’ to create a waddling effect.

These screen prints have become recently snapped up by customers at the affordable art fair where Charlotte had a sell out show.